Alstone Partition Panel

The latest entry in the Alstone family is the Partition panel which has got a huge demand in the market because of its extensive use in the office partition, wall paneling and other various uses.

These panels are very light weight and durable in comparison to other substitute in the market. It is available in the thickness of 4mm and in various colours along with Wooden shades as well.

Alstone partition panels are robust, water and termite resistance and can be utilized for optimization of spaces in all domestic and commercial establishments like offices, hospital, shopping malls, etc. It can also be effectively used in wet areas like laboratories, kitchens, washrooms, toilets, laundries, places that have high human traffic, etc.

Alstone partition panel withstands Pressure and ensure years of stability. Alstone partition panels are in demand from various domestic and industrial customers and are the preferred choice for kitchen, balcony, washroom and other areas where water is in regular contact.

  • These are very robust and resistant to water and termite.
  • Sound Resistant
  • Low weight partition
  • Thermally Resistant
  • Versatile. Water/corrosion resistant
  • Elegance
Overall Thickness 4 mm
Core Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Colors 10 shades
Warranty 10 years*
Application Optimization of spaces in domestic/commercial establishment

*Varies upon the Product Ranges