Corporate Social Responsibility

At Alstone we realize that we are part of society and sustained by it, so it is our duty to give back to the social structure from which we receive a lot.

It is our conscientious effort to use our expertise and energy for the benefit of the enterprise as well as workforce, environment, and communities. CSR is an integral part of the working principles of Alstone.


All our procedures, undertakings, and decisions are guided by the following:

  • Abidance to business ethics and standards
  • Creating avenues that ensure professional and personnel growth of employees
  • Providing a secure and safe workplace for our team
  • Reducing the impact of our procedures on the environment
  • Upholding and respecting the interests of clients and communities

Broadly, CSR efforts adopted by us can be categorized into:

Governance and Ethics

Candour matters! If aim goes beyond pecuniary profits and towards building brand equity, trust, and reputation in the industry. Adherence to government directives and ethics has fuelled the lasting success of Alstone International. We can boast that ours is a company known for its commitment to business principle and transparent dealings.

Environment & Community

It’s a belief of Alstone International that we owe to our future generations ‘a better environment and a better society’. We have adopted eco-friendly measures of production to leave least possible environmental impact. In addition to this, we realize that we have a role to play towards social development and therefore it is part of our policy to channelize resources towards betterment of society.

Client Commitment

We can be proud of our rising success graph only if the growth in the numbers of happy clients is directly proportional to it. Alstone appoints dedicated professionals to work in close coordination with clients ensuring that every possibility of complete satisfaction is attained and every hurdle is erased. Feedback from customers is taken in a positive spirit and as a stepping stone towards perfection.

Enriching Work Environment

We value our employees as they are our most important asset. For the welfare of our employees, we organize official tours every year. Yoga camps are arranged with many activities that help employees eliminate stress, anxiety, and burnout. This also assist employees to make good team dynamics, enhance workplace productivity, help in the chronic pain as well as stress, and provide necessary relaxation time for employees. Therefore, we keep on renovating our work culture to reward and retain the talent. Our focus and efforts have made Alstone a place where people don’t get a job but a career.